What I teach

In my role as an Assistant Teaching Professor, I primarily teach core courses related to HCI topics like design, social media, cognition, and ethics. In the 23-24 AY, I'm teaching INFO 103, INFO 356, INFO 360, and INFO 463.

If you're interested in learning more about these classes, I've provided my most recent (probably, unless I forgot to update them) syllabi! These may be useful for UW students taking these classes, instructors who are curious about how I've taught these topics, or people who want a curated reading list.

Please note though, as a reminder, these are not current syllabi, and UW students shouldn't use them to make decisions about what courses to take! Most of these classes are taught by other instructors too, with their own styles, so please don't read too much into my own syllabi!

INFO 103: Social Media, Ethics, and Automation

INFO 360: Design Methods