Hi! I am an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Washington iSchool. I study how researchers can better engage with the public online, how science is discussed on social media, and how to communicate about controversial scientific topics. I mainly teach courses around design and social media.

I try to keep my publication list up-to-date, with pdfs of all my full papers.

If you're a UW student interested in doing an independent study, a research capstone, or you just want to get involved in research, send me an email! Make sure to include your CV, your research interests, and what you want to get out of the experience.

In addition, you can check out my lab's website (very much a work in progress).

Blog posts of my work

The Effects of User Comments on Science News Engagement

An HCI Research Agenda for Online Science Communication

Meta-summaries of COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Research

How reddit comments act as a heuristic signal for a science article's qualities, affecting people's likelihood to read it.

Interviews with HCI researchers to inform future work on online science communication.

Summarizing covid vaccine safety research for vaccine-hesitant people.

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